About Varsha


My arrival to doula work has been a journey of resonance. I believe in reproductive justice, which exists when all people have the social, political, and economic power and resources to make healthy decisions about our gender, bodies, sexuality, and families. As a doula, I seek to enable this by providing loving and unbiased informational, physical, emotional support and advocacy for the birthing person and their family. My work is grounded in flexibility and open-mindedness. I am perceptive and continuoulsy listening to each family to provide them the best possible care, tailored for their needs. I treat all my families as I would dear friends, with an emphasis on excellent communication to foster a deep connection of mutual trust, loving kindness, and confidence. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I serve the greater Vancouver and Squamish areas.




"transformative, autonomy-building activity, enabling women to take charge of their reproductive journey, overcome their fears, discover their inner powers, turn the moment in which they are most vulnerable into one in which they can be strongest and thereby, begin a process of self-valorization (Apfel, xxii)


DONA Doula Training May 2019 

Prenatal & Breastfeeding classes: http://www.childbearing.org