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Birth Doula Package 

- Initial interview

- Two prenatal visits

- Unlimited phone call/text/email support during pregnancy

- On-call 24/7 from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby

- Continuous loving presence & expertise to you and your

partner during the full length of labour, from early labour to

initial breastfeeding

- One postpartum visit, and continued availability through

phone, text, and email


Investment: Sliding scale from $250 - $1000*


Overview of Care


Prenatal: During the prenatal period we will have as many or as few comprehensive conversations about your fears, excitement, and assumptions about birth as you would like. I am also here to help you create your birth plan, practice labour positions, prepare a birth bag, educate you about the medical interventions available and help you make informed decisions about what you wish to utilize/avoid. 


Birth: I will be on call 24/7 from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby. I will arrive at your home or hospital during early labour, and provide emotional and physical support to both birthing parent and partner (i.e. massage, positioning, guided meditation, etc.) If you are delivering in hospital I will work in collaboration with your medical providers to help translate processes, and ensure you are being advocated for and know the benefits, risks, and advantages to different situations and processes that are proposed. I will stay until breastfeeding has been initiated and you feel comfortable to be alone with your family. 


Postpartum: During our postpartum visit I show up for you in the ways that you need me. This is an excellent time to discuss and review your birth experience. I have the ability to validate your experiences and ensure you feel emotionally supported, as I was present with you the entire time. I can also help you with breastfeeding support, baby care assistance (diapering, cord care, dressing), laundry, light house-keeping, sleep support and newborn baby photography! 


*I am committed to ensuring families in need have access to my services. If finances are a barrier, please still inquire!