Bleed With Me: Destigmatizing Menstruation Through Conversation

How can I contribute to feminism? Feminism is a movement to end sexist oppression. Because menstruation is associated with women, destigmatizing menstruation is a feminist issue. Approximately half the world menstruates at some point in their lives, however, menstruation continues to be stigmatized and silenced in many parts of the world. To understand why, in Section One of my Undergraduate Thesis, I review the literature and discuss some of the ways that menstruation is stigmatized in countries across the Global North and South. Drawing on this body of work, I discuss the consequences of menstrual stigma and argue that destigmatizing menstruation is an important facet of ending sexist oppression. In Section Two, I discuss my response to menstrual stigma: the production of Bleed With Me, a film I created that calls for open conversations about menstruation. By pairing interview sound recordings with engaging visuals, Bleed With Me illustrates in both message and medium that open conversation is a key to destigmatizing menstruation. Through this work, I aim to make a small contribution to feminism.